In-person services have resumed.

Online services available on Facebook.

Reopening Plan

We would like to use Frederick County's 7-Day Positivity Rate of 5% as our target  The 7-Day Positivity Rate can be found in the link below and is typically updated around 10am each day. Please be patient as the site seems to load very slowly.

What are we doing?

1. Following rules set out by the Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church, Frederick County government, and Maryland state government.

2. Limiting access to our buildings
Our buildings are only open to the public on Sunday mornings for our 10:30 service. During the week, access to the buildings is limited to those that are essential for worship, cleaning, and building maintenance. Please enter using the original front door at the side of the church next to Rt 85. If you are unable to use the front stairs, you may use the ramp. If you need to leave while people are gathering or reenter while leaving you may use the side door for cross traffic. The nursery, basement, and kitchen are remaining closed.

3. Completing thorough cleaning
All spaces are cleaned after each use following required guidelines.

4. Worshiping with Modifications

We have moved back into the sanctuary for worship. Social distancing is still required so we have pews marked off to help in proper spacing. The pews on the side with the piano are marked off so our musicians can preform in person, not pre-recorded videos, and still have at least 10 feet from the rest of the congregation. Accommodations made in Miller Hall will stay in place just in case we need to mover back to holding our worship service in Miller Hall. (Seating is folding chairs which are limited to the number of people that can safely be in the room while maintaining distance. There are blue tape markers along the walls marking where the front leg of the row of chairs should be positioned.) We are not currently offering child care but children are more than welcome to attend worship in Miller Hall with their families. Bathrooms will be open. Please use at your risk and be courteous and conscience that other people will be using a “shared space”.

5. Wearing face masks
Everyone is wearing a mask that covers their nose and mouth. Children under the age of 2 are not required to wear a mask.

6. Staying 6 feet apart
Stay at least 6 feet apart from those that are not living in your house. If you move closer it is at your own risk. Please maintain social distance in all areas on the property (parking lot, ramp, miller hall, etc).

7. Staying at home when not feeling well
If you have a cough, shortness of breath, or have had a fever within the past 24 hours, we kindly ask to you stay at home in order to protect the health of others.

8. Taking attendance
Upon arrival at our worship service, a greeter will mark off your attendance. If you are a visitor, you may provide a name and contact information or simply be listed as “visitor”. If a person is diagnosed with coronavirus within 2 weeks of attending worship at our church, we will contact those that attended during the same time period. No names, contact information, or identifying features will be shared.

9. Offering online worship videos
Live videos will be on our Facebook page. Videos of the service will be available after our Sunday services. As we move pack into the sanctuary we are working on some technical issues. Please bear with us at this time. Previous services are available on our YouTube page.

10. Having communion prepared for safer distribution.
Communion elements are either set for individual distribution or come in pre-packaged cups. Those preparing and distributing will continue to wear masks and gloves.

11. Limited singing
Music is pre-recorded or preformed by our small band. There is a large area around the band that is off limits to others so they don't spread germs when performing. Feel free to sing along to the songs as long as you keep your mask on!

12. Leaving the offering plate on the table
There is a small table near the door with the offering plate. Please leave your offering in the plate on your way in or out. If you are not comfortable leaving it there, you may mail a check to the church at PO Box 399, Buckeystown, MD 21717 or donate online at * make checks out to Buckeystown United Methodist Church